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24th & 25th February 2024

The Spirit World, you & the congregation -

2 days course for the demonstrating platform medium

This course is all about the platform medium, demonstrating survival after death.

The content emphasises on:

  • the 3 parts involved: the Spirit World, the medium and the recipient
  • strengthen your focus on the spirit person
  • how to find the right recipient if there is no one or more than one person speaking up
  • aids how to keep your energy attuned when getting a "No"
  • look at the different needs of a Divine Service
  • how and when do you empathically involve the congregation without starting to work on a psychic level
  • the blending with the Godforce while giving an opening or closing prayer

All levels of development are welcome. The course content will be adapted to each student and the group. 

Course fee £ 100.--

Booking for course and accommodation please click here